Monday 4 March 2013

Electric guitars; Luke’s electric guitars

Here are three solid bodies that I made over the years for my son, Luke. First is a ¾ size Explorer style guitar that made for him in 1988 when he was just six. It has a mahogany body with a Brazilian tulip overlay and a maple neck. At this point in time, I had access to a milling machine and a lathe, so I made the strat style tremolo  from scratch, out of solid brass and steel! Below are a few scanned photos. Where is it now? Well, it’s in the loft- with a grandson on the way, I’m looking forward to restoring it in a few years time!

Then there was this one! 1996- Ash body complete with Stevie Vai style handle and reverse head.
 And a bit later (2008) this much gigged short scale bass---

In action with his band "Hands on Heads"

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