Friday, 2 October 2020

Electric Mandolins (E-mandos)

I've always enjoyed making the occasional solid bodied instrument; I like the sculptural process of shaping a large solid piece of wood by hand. So, it's only natural that I find myself building e-mandos. An electric, solid body mandolin offers a robust alternative to an acoustic instrument for the gigging musician or an interesting variation for the player who wants a different voice.
There are many possible designs and here you can see some of mine, including 4 and 8 string octave mandolin variants.
humbucker & piezo pick-ups with stereo output

humbucker & piezo pick-ups with stereo output

Black walnut left handed version 
humbucker & piezo pick-ups with stereo output
 Twin humbucker & piezo pick-ups with stereo output

Left-handed Figured Sapele/ash/maple
 Twin humbucker & piezo pick-ups with stereo output

Octave E-mando  
4 string Octave E-mando  

Sycamore and cocobolo, single humbucker, adjustable bridge

Monday, 10 February 2020

Nava Standard Plus Mandolins

I introduced the Standard Plus in 2012. The mandolin has a higher level of ornamentation than the regular Standard and it acoustically, benefits from my handmade tailpiece.
Indian Rosewood with Wenge neck

English Walnut, European Spruce

English Walnut, Cedar, Pearl Rosette
You can see and hear Chris playing this mandolin on his YouTube Channel.

Indian Rosewood, Red Spruce

Left handed; English walnut and red spruce 

Pau Ferro & Red Spruce

Quilted Maple with Black Walnut neck
(this mandolin lives in Japan)

Pau Ferro & Sitka Spruce
Macassar Ebony and few custom details!
Indian Rosewood and Redwood
Cedar with a black walnut arched (carved) back