Sunday 16 June 2013

More Recent Classical Guitars

Well, when I say more recent, I mean this century!  Nowadays, most of my work is building mandolins, so I’m no longer making classical guitars. (Which is one of my reasons for putting this archive together) These then, are more recent and probably the last of my classical guitars! These were built between 2006 and 2009.

 The spruce one went to Andrew (who has 5 of my instruments!) and the cedar one to Joe Hicks a very talented young player who is now studying in the USA at The Berklee College of Music.
The one below was built for Matt Bellamy of Muse fame.
Matt had some input into the design and supplied some very exotic tonewoods too! African Blackwood back and sides, pink ivory bindings and a sinker redwood top.
This one was an interesting build too; commissioned to celebrate a triple heart by-pass operation! You can see the heart design in the rosette and heel cap ( these are made from pink ivory).

This is probably my favourite classical head shape complete with some very nice Robson tuners.

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