Monday 15 December 2014

Model 2 Instruments

My Model 2 shape was designed for a variety of multi-course instruments: these two examples were built in 2008. Most luthiers and players agree that the “sweet spot” for the placement of the bridge is the centre of the lower bout, which is why the sound of a 12 fret neck guitar is often preferred. Starting with this premise I designed the shape from scratch to get the bridge in the "perfect position."
Having positioned the bridge correctly I turned my attention to the upper bout. As many players wish to gain access to the upper frets, I wanted this shape to be designed for a 14 fret neck with a cutaway and not look like a traditional shaped instrument with a bit chopped out. One advantage that this shape has, over the more traditional pear shape, is that it has a waist and therefore you can sit down and comfortably play it!
As you can appreciate it's a very complex shape to build and hence my most expensive model.

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  1. Always hankered after one of these, Gary... maybe one day...


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