Tuesday 25 February 2014

London Guitar Gallery Cutaway Jumbo

As far as big guitars go, I’ve always preferred the more curvaceous look of the Gibson jumbo compared to dreadnought shape. I built two cutaway jumbos whilst at the London College of Furniture, the first I destroyed (all part of the learning process) and the second, a Brazilian tulipwood one, was much more successful and was sold in 1979 via the London Guitar Gallery.
Whilst at the gallery I built two more jumbo cutaways, an Indian rosewood one and a maple one.
Phil Hare met this gentleman (sorry Sir, I don’t know your name) at a folk club in 2013 with his vintage Nava. So above, is that maple jumbo built in October 1979 and in the background you can just see Phil’s guitar made by me in 2011!

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  1. Hi Gary

    My name is Pete Trill, (pictured above) the present owner of this beautiful guitar, hand crafted by you.

    Knowing Phil Hare was performing at the Chepstow Folk Club and was now playing his signature Gary Nava guitar, I decided to bring mine along to allow him the opportunity to play my vintage Gary Nava Jumbo Maple guitar. Phil was delighted to play the guitar live that night, and we all know how brilliant he is a guitarist/musician.

    Regards Pete


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