Sunday, 20 April 2014

Nava Standard Mandolins

I designed and built the first of my “Standard” mandolin range in 2011.Here is my rationale behind the design.
In these times of austerity, not every musician can afford to own a bespoke, hand-made instrument.  So in bid to build a mandolin that is more affordable, and that competes with the like of Moon and Fylde on price, I’m designing a no-frills instrument. Time is the most expensive component of any handmade instrument and building one-off instruments to a clients’ specific needs is extremely time consuming. I shall concentrate on the features that influence the sound and playability and strip back any unnecessary adornments. This will be a real exercise in form following function. The result will be a beautifully sounding, playable hand-made mandolin at a reasonable cost to the player.”
So here they are in chronological order; from July 2011 to now……
Standard I

Standard II
 This mandolin had the first prototype of my own design of tailpiece
Standard III

Standard IV
Standard V

One thing that I didn’t anticipate was that players would pre-order a “Standard” and ask for custom upgrades…..
 Standard VI
 with herringbone rosette and back strip upgrade.

Standard VII

with tailpiece and head inlay upgrades

Standard VIII
(with cocobolo, abalone rosette and head inlay, and transducer up-grades)

Standard IX  (residing in Finland)

Standard X
(with handmade tailpiece and Headway transducer up-grades)

Standard XI
English walnut and Sitka (now residing in Portugal)

Standard XII
Mahogany and Sitka (with herringbone upgrade)

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